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Why I signed up to a PT

I have spent most of the last 20 years on one diet or fitness kick. Twice during that time I've hit my goal weight; once at age 23 through a very unhealthy, restrictive method and again at age 34 through consistent exercise and a sensible calorie deficit with flexibility to allow myself to enjoy life! I can assure you I looked and felt miserable at 23 compared to when I did it the better way at 34 where I actually looked healthier and had some energy. Not a huge amount given the sleepless nights with my first born but more than when I basically starved my self at 23!

Fast forward to me now at age 38. I am back to being uncomfortable in my own skin again. My initial thought was 'I've done it before so I can do it again!'. I conveniently forgot that I was only working 21 hours and had one child the last time i was dedicating so much time and energy to looking after myself. I now have two kids, I work 30 hours, im studying a full time online course with weekly assignments and end of year exams and i also have my own creative business. My mental plate is FULL.

When my sister sent me a recipe on TikTok for gf muffins by a local PT I gave her a follow and so the cogs started turning. I always had this idea that PT's were for for when you had loads of time to go to the gym and cost a fortune.

While Rebekah does do in-person bootcamps, what appealed to me most was the online aspect. Download an app, after an initial zoom chat to go over where I was at and what I'd like to aim for, she puts together a workout program and that's it - craic on!

No long hours spent at the gym, I work out when and where I can (even a hotel room when away for exams )with a program suited to my needs which for now means low impact. I can track my meals either in app or via My Fitness Pal. My consistency with the logging needs a bit more work but I have been pretty good at getting three work outs in each week since starting. It's only early days but I already feel so much more connected to my body after having spent the last year in my head studying and I'm also noticing my strength building back up again.

I don't have the mental energy to cheer myself on or keep going when no one else cares if I do a work out or not but knowing I will have some one checking in on me throughout the week and being part of a group chat with the others she's training is a real game changer. I even managed to do some meal prep and again, what a huge difference it makes having food ready when I get home so I'm not snacking while cooking and it also relieves some of the decision fatigue I get around trying to decide what to make for brekkie, lunch and dinner for myself.

As much as I'd love us to be one of those families where everyone sits down at the table and eats one meal, I've accepted that's not who we are at this point in time, hopefully we'll get there one day.

Have you found working with a PT to be totally different from what you expected? Do you have any go-to meals that you couldn't get through a busy week without?

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