Never Do a Tango With an Eskimo!

It’s finally here – time to officially kick off the master plan. I absolutely adore Christmas so the first weekend of December our tree and decorations go up, the fact that the 1st of December is a Saturday this year is a bonus – glitter strewn throughout our house for the whole month and there’s not a thing Ross can do about it hahaha!

Right so let’s get  down to business. The book for this month was an easy choice and one I’ve started the last two or three Decembers but it always just got pushed aside as lack of organisation took it’s toll.

My sister bought it for me and one for herself too but likewise she hasn’t read further than the first story or two. I can’t actually remember if it was just me or if we had both agreed to make it a tradition to read it each December but this year I’ll make sure we both do it. You’re welcome hen!

Now onto my playlists. I’ve created two to take me through this month as I’m usually torn between desperation for it to be Christmas already and at the same time trying to slow the heck down and savour each day of the season. There’s the extra excitement of it being the first year that Hamish can really engage with the magic of Santa and it’s so lovely to see that same excitement be shared by his grannies and shens too! On the flip side it’s my second last month of maternity leave, plus I’m going in to do a few keeping in touch days so I just want to soak up as much time with Ruby as I can while we have a few days just the two of us. 

*Original post had links to Spotify playlists*

I used to do a radio show called ‘Overflow’ on Isles FM with my friend Kathryn. We’d meet up before the show  with a list of ten songs each and figure out what order we wanted them in, where our feature songs or worship songs would be played and what belters we’d play after each advert break to wake people up again! At this point I’m not fussed about putting them in any kind of order as I create them, it’s a case of hit shuffle and just enjoy each one as it comes.

For my exercise this week I’ll either do a week of yoga or the first week of A Little Obsessed (both from Beachbody on Demand). A challenge group I’m part of  is starting a new schedule a week Monday so hopefully Ruby will be sleeping better or I’ll at least have shaken this cold so I can join in. Either way I’ll try and check in with my progress on Instagram as I find that to be useful for accountability. 

For my recipe of the week I’m going to try white velvet soup with smokey almonds from the Christmas 2018 BBC Good Food magazine and will let you know how that goes. I might even try to make the spiced carrot and apple muffins from the same issue as I have everything in and Hamish does love to bake.  We’ll see how the week goes!

Finally, (bit of a Tommy Macneil style finally but it’s worth it) in order to help me practice gratitude on a daily basis I have invested in this:

So you do 3 minutes in the morning and 3 minutes at night. There’s weekly questions and challenges and monthly checks as well. It’s full to the brim with beautiful and inspiring quotes such as:

"Your attitude about who you are and what you have is a very little thing that makes a very big difference." Theodore Roosevelt

Aside from all that the diary itself is just lovely. I’m a sucker for a fabric bound book! Ok well I think that’s enough to be getting on with for now eh? Oh but before I forget:

Stuck on the fridge so even if I try to avoid it, I can’t as I’m in and out of the fridge at least a 1532 times before 9am. Stuck on the fridge so even if I try to avoid it, I can’t as I’m in and out of the fridge at least a 1532 times before 9am. 

I guess this is the point where I’m supposed to engage with any readers and ask questions so what are your Christmas traditions whether old or just getting established? Favourite off-beat Christmas song? Have you seen The Christmas Chronicles?? Kurt Russell is amazing. I wish he was my friend. 

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