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Mums on the Run Vol.2 #londonbaby

**Post originally written 20/01/2020** So where were we? oh yeah, half way through Friday. I did say we did everything we could possibly cram in!

So Friday evening we went to a gluten free Italian restaurant called Leggero and it was so, so delicious!!! A really simple wee restaurant but the food and the service was amazing. I might as well point out, the service EVERYWHERE was exceptional. we weren’t anywhere overly fancy either, they just knew how to be attentive without being on top of you and the food came out quick and at the appropriate temperature every time. As we ate in restaurants that were almost exclusively gluten free, it felt amazing to be able to choose anything on the menu without having to either read from an allergen folder or have the waiter or waitress go back and forth to the kitchen several times to check. I miss that so much (the freedom, not the repetitive checking).

Gluten Free Trio of Bruschetta

We then headed towards Victoria Palace Theatre to see Hamilton (yes, it lives up to the hype) and passed some of the cars lined up for filming The Fast & The Furious 9.

FF9?! I obviously missed parts 3-8…

Humans are amazing

On Saturday we…

Went to Sky Gardens for some early morning yoga and one of my sister’s London pals joined us. She hadn’t done it before but could do all the moves, including the advanced ones. Some people make you sick. Did I mention she’s also gorgeous and really, really lovely? Ugh.

Came for the yoga stayed for the breakfast

After a quick stop back at the hotel we headed out to Portobello Road Market for some scrummy street food ( I went Venezuelan) and then got a Mojito each. Possibly the strongest Mojito ever made then we went on a mad tipsy shopping spree where we bought souvenir socks for our kids. If that’s not tipsy shopping on a budget I don’t know what is.

Heading towards Hyde Park for the BBC Proms in the Park concert we stopped and retook a picture from when I was last in London for my 30th birthday weekend. It became apparent that my sister is a lot more trusting of strangers than I am when it comes to asking them to take photos with her phone whereas I assume they’re all just a balaclava away from robbing us. I reckon we both have things to work on there…



The line up for Proms in the Park included The Lighthouse Family and Chrissie Hynde but my absolute favourite was Jack Savoretti. I think I was only pretend in love with him before, now I know it’s for real.

Jack Savoretti Hyde Park 2019

On Sunday we…

Well, I had a lazy start (I was knackered) but Kathryn went to do some early morning yoga on a hill somewhere with her pal (one who is a yoga instructor, not the instant pro from the Sky Gardens yoga).

We then headed back towards Hyde Park, picked up some picnic supplies along the way, found the same spot from the day before and just enjoyed the music, the sunshine, the Pimms and the banter.

Same spot different day…

The Pimms queue

A little closer…

I was inside the gated area by this point…

Whispers of a shortage had started to spread

The hunter gatherer returns victorious!

This was our second jug and my sister’s champagne chaser. She’s fancy like that.

I used to love Boyzone back in the day but never got to see them live so I fully embraced seeing Westlife perform instead, much to my sister’s disgust.

Bananrama were a real surprise as 1. They were actually really good performers and 2. I know a lot more of their music than I thought. I was quite gutted that Emili Sande had to pull out but Simply Red and Clean Bandit were superb and we even enjoyed The Pet Shop Boys at the end. Could have been heat stroke, could have been the Pimms, we’ll never know for sure.

On Monday we…

Got our photo taken at Platform 9&3/4 at Kings Cross Station, visited a gluten free bakery and headed back up to Glasgow where we stayed with another of Kathryn’s pals and got a catch up with our younger sister.

Had to be done!

The Triple Threat

On Tuesday we…

Landed at 8am, got back to my folks house and was met with a harshly underwhelming welcome from the kids and a text from my husband saying I needed to get all the food shopping done. Back to reality with a…bump isn’t the right word…more of an earth shattering thud. But hey, I have about 300 pics in my phone, probably 4000 on my sister’s phone, now 2 blog posts and multiple insta posts to prove it really happened and hopefully, will happen again, if not this year then next.

(I’m only saying that to remove a little pressure from my sister, she knows I really mean this year. Or next year, whatever… pressure.)

If you have made it this far then first of all, congratulations! Secondly, if you have any suggestions for future London trips of places to eat, or visit, favourite walking tours etc please let me know in the comments, if we need to extend our visit by a day to fit more in then so be it!

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