Make Mine a Triple Espresso...

**Originally written 28/11/2018**

It’s been a busy year for us what with Ruby coming along, Ross starting a new job and Hamish starting nursery. Big changes all round coupled with sleepless nights have left us a bit burned out. I find myself moaning or complaining about stupid stuff that ultimately doesn’t matter and prioritising cleaning up toast crumbs over taking part in the epic battle against the night villains who more often than not are my poor owl door stop or a rubber spider (despite the fact that Romeo, Night Ninja and Luna Girl are scattered across the living room).

Who I currently am as a wife and mother isn’t good enough and I know I can do better but it involves commitment and a way for me to keep track of my progress hence this blog. By giving myself a year I hope to really get these habits ingrained. It also takes the pressure off if I have the odd week or two (or more) when it just doesn’t come together. All is not lost and I can just pick it up again and keep going.

My targets at the moment are:

  •  To practice gratitude on a daily basis

  • To keep going with The Organised Mum Method 

  • To keep going with at least 30mins of exercise a minimum of four times a week

  • To cook one new recipe a week from my archive of BBC Good Food magazines

  • To read one book a month

  • To indulge in my love of creating music playlists 

I’m hoping that this mixture of self care and discipline (that old chestnut) will bring me to a point where even though I know life will still be chaotic (#duhihavekids), I’ll be happy knowing that I’m giving my family enough of the real me and hopefully much less of the running on fumes and caffeine version of me…Who the flick knows what I’ll do if it turns out that that actually is the real me…suggestions in the comments??!

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