Living La Vida Lockdown

**Post originally written 14/04/2020**

Today is the start of my second week of the Next 90 Days challenge by The Hollis Co./Rachel Hollis but officially it’s the start of week three as in lock down mode I lost a week and started late, despite me thinking I was SO on top of things. So far I have watched the teachings on Perspective and Choosing Joy and I cannot recommend them enough, sign up just to get the teaching even if you don’t follow the Five To Thrive part, it’s all free and so helpful with keeping your mind in a good place. This week’s teaching is on Habits so I will be diving into that once the kids are in bed*.

For Five to Thrive you need to:

  • Drink water

  • Give up a category of food that you know you shouldn’t be eating for 30 days

  • Start each day with gratitude

  • move your body for 30 mins a day

  • Get up an hour earlier than you usually do and use the time for you

That lovely post yoga selfie, I’m not sure whose hair is scarier

The points are a lot more fleshed out on the site obviously. I am drinking 8 glasses of water a day (I miscalculated at 10 for the first few days – I’m amazed I didn’t burst) and it has really helped me reduce my caffeine intake which was getting a bit out of hand again. The food category I have given up is snacks after 8pm, that tends to be the time I mindlessly snack when I really don’t need to eat. I’ve been pretty good with my 6 Minute Diary and my version of the Start Today journal though the timings do vary a bit depending on the kids leaving me alone long enough to write (honestly, they are glued to me). I have been doing my yoga and challenging my self to hold some of the poses longer than I usually would and try some of the more advanced ones (no, not to any great success but now I know how much I need to keep going!). Due to ongoing ankle and knee problems, high impact exercise is still not worth trying but I have been finding that I’m getting a good workout even at my level and plenty muscles aches the next day. The getting up an hour earlier may happen at some point but not for now – I know my limits in this season.

This challenge is proving to be the distraction I needed from all the news and has eased my anxiety about trying to have a plan in my head for the hundreds of variable future outcomes that I shouldn’t be wasting my energy on. One day at a time is enough to get through just now; I am well, my family is well, we have a roof over our heads and we have food in the cupboard and chocolate, we have chocolate.