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Earring Aftercare

So you receive your wee box in the post (or via what may look like a dodgy carpark drop off if we arrange collection #thethuglifechoseme ) you get home (or back in your car) pop them in and dazzle everyone with your incredible style choices for the rest of your days, the end.

Except what do you do with them at night?

Do you leave them in the bathroom? Toss them into a crowded jewellery box?

Do you check to make sure they're free from any make up or hair spray you may have applied after popping your wearable art onto your lovely lobes?

On the off chance you are like me, here is a post about how best to look after your lovely Be Designed by K ear candy and will probably apply for your precious purchases by other earring makers too.

First off, handle your earrings with care. This means no bending them and as much as possible avoid dropping them as this can lead to weakening of the components or even breakages.

Your earrings, and jewellery in general, should be the finishing touch to your outfit/look.

Put them on :

- AFTER you have pulled a top over your head

- AFTER you have applied makeup

- AFTER you had sprayed all the sticky hair spray everywhere (hopefully not mistaking it for deodorant)

- AFTER that last skoosh of what ever delightful perfume will be announcing your presence throughout the day

You get the gist yes? Ok so pay attention now, once you’re ready for bed, as much as pjs may call to all of us, please take your earrings out BEFORE you remove any clothing over your head. I am honestly amazed my earlobes are intact considering how often I forget to do this.

Give them a quick check over, if you see any make up or hair product residue then use a damp cloth or baby wipe to gently clean the components. For brass components that naturally tarnish you can give them the occasional good clean with a jewellery wipe or brass cleaner (there are various home remedies you can google, I’ve not tried them myself yet though so can’t fully recommend).

Using the unicorn that is common sense, please don’t wear them swimming or bathing/showering. Yes polymer clay is water resistant but a lot of pieces have differing finishes and you don’t know what may react with various chemicals or water itself.

Please store them away from direct sunlight as the colours can fade as with most products.

I can thoroughly recommend you get a proper earring display board (available here) so you can admire your pretties even when you’re not wearing them and you know there isn’t one lost in the bottom of your bag and another somewhere on your bedroom floor - so long as you actually put them back on the board that is.

Take care of your earrings and you will enjoy wearing them for a looooooooong time! Should anything happen to them, let me know and I can see if there’s anything that can be done.

A more concise version of this goes in to every order I send out and is also pinned on my story highlights on @be.designedbyk Instagram.

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