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Dear Future Me...

**Post originally written 4/6/2019**

Today I received the email that I wrote to my future self all the way back in December 2018. I honestly couldn’t remember what I had written and as we came towards the end of May, part of me was feeling a little nervous knowing that the email was due any day. Without realising it I was starting to prepare for the feeling of disappointment as I knew I had most likely let my ‘all fired up’ pre-Christmas self down. For weeks now I haven’t done my exercise. Or cooked any new recipes (unless fridge surprise counts?!). Tomm is back to the realms of fantasy land and while I do try and stop to practise gratitude throughout the day, I haven’t written in my diary for ages either. December me really shouldn’t have set the bar so high. December me had forgotten how tough the demands of an early crawler/walker/insomniac are. December me had no clue that the baby never would take a bottle feed.

So the email arrived and I opened it all ready for the ”I’m not angry, I’m disappointed’ response to how off track I’ve gone. Turns out December me was actually incredibly kind, forgiving and wise. Yes there was hope of sticking to my goals but there was also the curiosity to see what had become of the blog and of following God’s lead. Have I stuck rigidly to my goals? Nope. Am I still blogging? Yes. I also now have my own business, Be Designed By K , and I’m attending Business Gateway workshops, craft markets and of course trying to navigate the world of social media through a business lens. December me would have laughed in your face if you told me I would have all this on the go before Ruby turned 1. I didn’t even start regularly exercising until Hamish was almost 18 months old and that in itself was a huge accomplishment without all the other goals.

I’m still practising Gratitude, it just doesn’t always find it’s way to being written down

I finished off my email with some real encouragement and in a weird way, hearing those words in my own voice caught me off guard and I almost became emotional. But I got a firm grip on myself – December me would have been proud of that too!

I will definitely be sending my future self another email and if you haven’t tried it yet yourself then give it a go at Future Me and hopefully you too can marvel at your own wisdom in a few months or even years!

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