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Changes is putting it mildly. This year has been insane and that's not including anything covid related. I'm not sure what this business will look like in a few months time nevermind a year as I return to studying through work for around three years (exams permitting).

In light of that I've just uploaded what might be the final collection for a while as I take time out (I know, I've barely had time in) from making to prepare for the crazy juggling act of work, studying, kids and my really weird new fascination with not killing plants and making my garden look nice. Don't think it's at the level of calling it gardening but we're getting there.

It may be that I will become more productive as I will need to organise my week a lot better to fit in my coursework and so have time to squeeze in a couple of slabs but if not, I think it's safe to say my current stock has something to cover all seasons and occasions!

On the bright side I will probably be more on top of blog things though so let me know if there's anything you want to know about. Currently on the list are earring aftercare (of course), some tips for getting started if you fancy having a go yourself and maybe some basic techniques.

Cheers for now!

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