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 Hi I’m Karen, the designer and maker behind BE Designed by K and chief guinea pig in my incredibly unscientific and inconsistent experiments with self care.  

What had initially started out as a blog to track my self care efforts has now turned into a wee business that provides me with some creative therapy, interesting learning curves (a learning slinky might be a more appropriate term) and a determination to be fully myself, whilst enabling others to do the same earlobe by earlobe. 

The 'Be' part of the name fulfills two roles. 

Firstly it stands for 'Being Enough' which is the title I gave my blog when this all started. Growing up I never really felt as though I was enough of anything (cool, smart, pretty, thin etc., etc.) and becoming a mother sure as heck took that to a whole new level. Through exploring self development, mindfulness, gratitude and generally being kinder to myself I have reached a far healthier mental space. I haven't got everything sorted by any means (does anyone?!) but I'm usually able to find contentment in whatever chaos is going on around me and I'm happier now knowing that I've showed up as me, and that will always be enough. If you find yourself somewhere in these words and mind dumps then please do get in touch and share your story or any strategies that you have found work for you when it comes to carving out some mental space, rebuilding confidence or how to not swear when you stand on lego. 

The 'Be' also acts as a prompt to insert some mindfulness into your day. Have you been a bit too sarcastic lately? (guilty as charged right here) Try wearing some 'Be Kind' earrings. Is it an 'anything can happen' sort of a day? Pop on a pair of 'Be Spontaneous' beauties. Or maybe you're getting talked all over in a zoom call, pop in you're pink and red 'Be Brave' gals and tell them all to pipe down (insert saltier language if needed).  

The 'Be...' slabs are core designs so they will be repeated now and again, the other collections are mostly one-off designs and all are hand made by me. 

I hope you enjoy wearing my creations as much as I love making them! Please feel free tag me in your pics on Instagram as that tends to be where I'm most active on social media and you can follow for updates. 

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